Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We moved from Cleveland to Tallahassee in a very roundabout fashion. It began in Cleveland, diagonally southwest to Dayton, southeast to South Carolina, and finally southwest to Tallahassee. I mean, why not, right?
We began that journey on Thursday, June 19, at 4pm. 
Here's the view when we left our house in Cleveland. Bye house!

And then we hit traffic, which turned out to not be that bad.

We were in good spirits, because we were only going three and a half hours away. Also because we didn't have to pack any more boxes for at least a year.

This is Yellow Springs, Ohio, which looked cute (albeit blurry).

We stayed the night with a former professor of Carson's at John Carroll. He's now retired, but has been something of a mentor to him. He and his wife asked us to stay a night with them, and seeing that it was probably the only time stopping by there would happen once we moved, we accepted.

They had two dogs with a funny name I couldn't pronounce, and they loved attention. This is Roscoe, wondering why someone would be mean enough to not bring him outside.

And this is also Roscoe, wondering why someone would be mean enough to not let him inside.

We were on the road by 7am on Friday morning, South Carolina bound.

For whatever reason (lack of anything else to worry about, let's say), I was inordinately concerned that our car was going to somehow detatch and get away from us without us noticing. I kept checking behind us when we'd go around curves. I also kept locking the car doors. We kept our suitcases in there and I could see someone opening the door and grabbing one at a stoplight. Unlikely, but always lock the doors.

Our route is outlined in black pen... did we have to backtrack by making this detour? Yes. Was it worth it? Also yes.

Our iPhone car adapter broke, so I rigged these rolls of Duct Tape up to amplify sound. We caved at a gas station later and bought a cable that connected the phone to the stereo, but this worked!

My view. It was a lot more spacious than the car, and air conditioned. I proclaimed it the way to travel, although it was incredibly bumpy.

I forget how many times we stopped for gas, but it was a lot. The smallest amount we spent was $99 on gas, which is super fun. What a contrast from the Civic.

Almost to my parent's house for the weekend!

We arrived, and Dad took this shot of us with the truck. Whew. Huge.

And then we spent a couple of nights in South Carolina. Which I will post about soon, but I take too many pictures to cram it all into one thing.

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  1. I never mentioned how impressed I was with your collection of duct tape. Macgyver would be proud.


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