Tuesday, June 10, 2008

your opinions, please

If I were to do something different with my hair, what would you suggest?
  • long layers
  • cut it shorter
  • lots of layers, long and short (this would mean shortish pieces up to maybe my nose level... it would look shorter than it would actually be)
  • get it straightened again (I got it relaxed once... if I did this again I'd wear it straight, though not as severely as I used to)
  • dye it (any color you please... that looks natural)
These are things to get you thinking... please let me know what you think because I'm a bit bored with it... if I get no feedback I'll probably just cut it off :(
If you comment you must offer some suggestion... I'm not looking for someone to say, "please don't do anything...".


  1. Long layers after you come back from China would be just the thing.

    DO NOT grow out bangs, color it, or chemically relax it. You never like it when you cut your hair short.

    Remember that you will be moving to a drier part of the country soon and will have to learn how to deal with hair changes, possibly less frizz.

  2. Mrs. Norman, you are such a mom. Wow. I have never read a more thoughtful comment, I don't think. Wow...

    and... as far as my suggestion... well, I guess I just won't say anything, since you don't want to hear what I'd say. :P

  3. hmmm.... I would not suggest anything chemical (your hair will be terrible when you get older) although I think highlights would be cute. Maybe some layers and shorter pieces framing your face(?)

    Michael...you make me laugh!

    you do love change lindsay dearest!

  4. You said that if I comment I have to suffer a suggestion... so I won't comment. Don't change your hair. And I say that in the least suggestive way possible... because I'm not allowed to give that suggestion.

  5. I was gonna say just don't color it. You've got a really pretty hair color that not many people have. Highlights would probably be ok though.

    Long hair is nice :)


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