Friday, June 13, 2008

dancing in the moonlight

Heather and Chance are back! Heather requested a party with dancing while they were here so we had 35-40 people waiting at the house when they drove in last night. I included a few pictures from our welcome back celebration.

Taci, Stephanie, Heather, me, Katherine. I like this picture and I really like these ladies! Five out of the six roomies for Ukraine this summer (minus Jasmyn) and I am so excited to live with all of them for three weeks... and to travel to China also with Taci and Katherine. The six of us have already started to plan host family gifts and meals and things - I think we'll room well together :)

Heather and Chance. Both are such great dancers. They and Matthew and Emily were probably the best ones last night while everyone else either watched or made up their own dances. I like that though not everyone is good we still have a lot of fun trying. Not sure who took pictures of the dancing but whoever you are THANK YOU for stealing my camera for a bit :)

My brother and I. He was having fun holding my hands and spinning around really really fast but then decided that he wanted to actually dance. So we kinda made something up. I showed him some of the waltz(what we're doing in this picture), and then we did a twist like thing. His favorite part was making me spin under his arm.

Maddie and Jillian. I like these pictures of siblings dancing :) The Mansell kids all came and made the party a real party... Elaina's interpretive dancing, Tamu's obsession with the fire of the tiki torch, Bethlehem's desire to see my balcony and then gettin upset when no one could hear her yelling at them from above... I like that family!

There was quite a bit of dancing as you can see. A long game of Catch Phrase followed when we were all too hot and nasty to want to dance any longer. Not a whole lot of pictures were taken but I like the ones that people did get. I think they had fun - I did. Welcome back, Lachowitzers!

a post with thoughts from a conversation Heather and I had coming later :)

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  1. lol.... WELCOME BACK!!!
    yes! What is a party without the Mansell's?! hee hee... love ya!

    Oh, and I wanted to comment on facebook, but don't have an account, and i wanted to tell you how horrified I was to find that GREAT(defiantly being sarcastic) picture from when I stayed at your house. The slicked back hair....yuck! So, I just wanted to let you know. hee hee!
    ( OH, but I still love you! :) I am sure you were worried...)

    can't wait to hear y'alls thoughts!


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