Thursday, June 26, 2008

where will we find it?

I was thinking today...
What will it take for me to be satisfied and happy?
Lots of friends, a planned future, things, the feeling after mission trips...?
No, none of these things will satisfy. They will leave me empty, hungry, wanting more. Because You are the only one who can fill me. You are my joy and my satisfaction. In You I find life and peace and happiness... all is worthless compared to You.

...why is it so easy to fill ourselves up with everything BUT God when He is exactly what we need? Why do we make ourselves busy, spend money, do things that give us a temporary feeling... when the only one who can satisfy us wholly is all around us?

The goal isn't my happiness, it's His glory. But when I lose sight of that and focus on me, I end up hurt, broken, exhausted and confused. And although He knows exactly what's going on, I wonder if God isn't a little hurt too. He wants to be our everything.


  1. Wow... THAT is uber convicting...

    ...Thanks for posting...

  2. i have thought the same things. was never able to place them into such beautiful words as you did though. thanks for that stirring reminder. love ya!


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