Saturday, June 28, 2008

little house in the big woods :)

I have considered starting another blog so that one could be my "fun things" blog and the other could be "thoughts"... this post would be filed under "fun"... that's all it is :)

Emily, Jillian and I stayed in an adorable cabin Thursday - Today at the KOA in honor of Jill's birthday. Today after checking out, Jillian was blindfolded and taken to a surprise lunch and then to Ms. Charlotte's art studio for a painting session for all of us which also went splendidly.

Quotes from the weekend:
Jillian: This end of the pool is shallow - I can stand up!
Me: Oh good! I'm shallow! (I meant short... lesson learned: think before you speak)

Emily & Jillian: (We were in rare form) "You know what would be funny? The next time someone compliments you, you should say something like this: 'Oh really? Well I hope you die!'" (Unfortunately yes, we actually used it in a text... I'm sorry person-who-knows-who-he-is!)

From Persuasion: "I really haven't had a moment, Mr. Elliot, to turn my mind to it."

Please click on the pictures below to view them larger to see what we did (pay attention to the far left corner - that's our adorable cabin)... the bottom collage is of the paintings we did - Jillian's, Emily's, Ms. Sharon's and Mine... clockwise from the top left...

Think I should actually consider a blog that's "just for fun"?


  1. WOW! Looks like a fun-filled weekend!

  2. No you should not consider a "just for fun" blog. You are one person. You are allowed to both have fun AND think good thoughts. Why not give your blog both blessings as well???

    Not a blog defendant or anything... just...don't see the point in dividing your life up so much.

    Wow. I took that way too seriously. I just realized that. I should erase it. Never mind. I'll post it. Then you can all make fun of me. :) "Michael... arguing for one blog... for the sake of the blog? Weird." I can hear it now.


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