Sunday, June 1, 2008

a birthday, the beach, and a terribly sour lemon

The birthday. Yordy turns five tomorrow so his "birthday surprise" was to go to the beach with Christina, Jillian and me (I get the whole personal pronoun thing terribly confused so I'm sorry if I should have said "and I"). So we headed out there after church. It was so much fun. We didn't rush out there, just meandered to Publix for food and the sunscreen I forgot (I use 50 spf... Jillian's 8 spf wasn't getting me anywhere). Yordy was such a ham. Loud, crazy, and the center of attention. I love that little guy (and Jillian and Christina too, of course!).

The beach. Oh my it was fun... I don't really enjoy being in the water (pool, beach, whatever). If I'm at the beach I'd prefer to be building a castle, having a conversation or something like that. But it was so much fun with Yordy. Wow. I decided I want to be an aunt or an honorary aunt or something so I can just play like a little kid and spoil a little kid. I had a blast. I'm super tired now, but I loved it. This picture is us jumping over waves... I look like I'm attempting to fly...

The little kid-ness extended to burials in the sand. Not REAL burials of course, but the fun kind, where you take the victim, dig a hole and cover them up with sand. Yordy was dying to be buried (haha... pun not intended) because he saw another kid with his head peeking out of the ground. We dug a shallow hole (he was impatient) and covered him in sand. He popped out after two minutes and begged to bury Christina. She declined. He settled for Jillian instead. Poor dear.

Again, poor Jillian. She was lounging on the sand when Yordy and I came back from the water, all nice and cozy, talking to Christina... Yordy ran for the bucket, filled it with water, and doused Jillian quick as could be - three times before she got up... I caught the final drenching before she got up and chased him in the water.

Christina and I were sitting on the blanket talking when Yordy came over and leaned up against both of us, grabbed my water bottle, let me have a final sip (seriously, he told me to "DRINK" and then, "That's enough!" before helping himself) and made himself at home. He was definitely the center of attention and the king of the afternoon. He kept saying "But it's my birthday!" when we'd question him.

We dropped Christina off and went toward home, Yordy sound asleep in the backseat. Sonic proved too tempting for us and we stopped for a chocolate milkshake with Oreo for Jillian and a lemon-berry slush for me (I'm kind of addicted to those...). The bridge opened and we got out to take pictures. That's when we took this one. We laughed so hard at Jillian's huge eyes :)

The terribly sour lemon. It was in the bottom of my slush and I decided to eat it. It tried to eat me, or at least the enamel on my teeth, so I made some pretty ugly faces on the drive home. Wow those things are sour... but I like them :)

Happy fifth birthday, Yordy!


  1. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun today, as did Yordy ^_^

    Just the thought of a beach right now is enough to make me feel sunburnt all over again. =P

  2. You are correct in your use of "me" in this case because it is an object of the preposition "with".

    I would hate to be passing you on the road when you're eating lemons. It seems like it might cause you to swerve wildly or something!

  3. Or someone watching her faces and laughing really hard :)

    Poor Jillian. He's so small you guys should have just trapped him under the bucket for a little while :)

  4. ahh...that was SO MUCH fun! thanks for an amazing time!


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