Friday, August 3, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Well, it's the third of August.
I know that it's a Friday, because my birthday was on a Friday and my birthday is always the same day of the week as my dad and sister.
Which brings me to my actual point... it's Dad's birthday!
I assume that this day will hold several things for Dad:

He will most likely go to work even though it's his birthday... tomorrow marks 29 years at his current job (which shows his dedication and commitment... I admire this quality in him so much and wish that it had rubbed off on me). He started the day after his 20th birthday.

There will be cake. And unless the world has ended, it's probably going to be red velvet cake. I don't think that it could be dad's birthday without that.

The struggle to find the perfect gift will happen. And if someone has thought of it, he probably thought of it first and bought it last week. If no one thought of the perfect gift, he probably got socks. Nothing screams special day like a pair of dress socks, am I right?

There will be rice. That is, if dinner's at home. This is because white rice is served at basically every meal, because Dad loves white rice. 

Lastly, I will call him. It will probably be late in the evening, because I had been thinking of calling all day but didn't want to bother and then I forgot that there was a three hour time difference. We will discuss rice, red velvet cake, and Oscar, the dog. Maybe socks as well. I will apologize for not having something in the mail sooner.

I love my dad, admire him, and really look forward to living closer so I can see him more often. This man was my first love, my model of what a man ought to be. He instilled in me a love of animals (mostly dogs), seafood, the Gamecocks and country music. He is a servant, a humble, gentle person, and I really do think that he exemplifies what it means to be a follower of Christ. He taught me what to look for in a husband, how to use a computer, and that I'll wash your mouth out with soap if you say that again means exactly that. I hope to be like him, I hope my brother is exactly like him (and I see signs) and I am so thankful for him.
I love you, Dad.
my high school graduation...2007
my college graduation....2012

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  1. I love the way you wrote this. And i love your new header!


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