Friday, August 24, 2012

The Day We Moved In

On Thursday morning, we woke up earlier than we wanted to in order to pick up the keys at a certain time. Once they were secured, we set out for our new home. We like the area that we live in. We have a really pretty street!

We’d seen our house on Google Maps and in a few phone shots our landlord was kind enough to take for us, but even so, we were excited to see it from the car, in person. 

We drove up to the back of the house, came up to the side door, and entered through the kitchen. These are the nice pictures I got before we ruined the house with boxes and bags.

The first few nights, we’ve been sleeping on this borrowed air mattress in the guest bedroom. We purchased a mattress, but it won’t be delivered until the weekend. In the time since we moved in, we’ve picked up our boxes from the train, all of which arrived on this end, although we did have a few broken things.

Furniture is being picked up here and there but we’re hoping to have certain things soon, so it feels like a home and so that we can put things where they belong. Carson located a great thrift store with lots of 50% off furniture, so that was exciting.

In the meantime, this is what our house is looking like right now – definitely starting to feel more like a home, which is great, since we’ve only been here a few days. 
Look closely at this one

guest bedroom

 dining room shelves

living room

back entry/hallway
messy linen closet

guest bedroom

 our closets


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  1. I LOVE IT!!! It reminds me a lot of the house we were in...I can already imagine the creaky floors and the old-house smell... And I love the unique archways between rooms. This place looks PERFECT for y'all! 2 stories is pretty cool too. So happy!


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