Friday, August 31, 2012


In a flurry of emotion, the fact that we just moved 2,000 miles hit me last night. Before that, I knew, of course, that we'd traveled across all of those states. But last night, for whatever reason, I started crying, thinking of the people we've left behind and may or may not see in the future.

When I left Beaufort, I was sad, but I knew that most of my friends there were people I'd reconnect with because they were from there as well. Our paths would likely cross again. Spokane is a little different. There are friends with whom I'm sure I'll connect again. Two of my very good friends have parents that live less than an hour away in both directions and I'm excited to see them around Christmastime or whenever they can make it. There are others, though, who will stay in Spokane for a short time before going on to the mission field, or "back home", which isn't in the mid west. These are people whom I love, but may not ever see again. I guess that reality just struck me for some reason. It wasn't a pleasant realization. 

That said, today I've made it my goal to put things on the walls and to make this place seem a little more like a home. It's been two weeks since we walked in the front door, which makes me think that it's about time that it should look like it's ours. We've put up bookshelves in the upstairs hallway, bought a dresser, a bed, a table for the breakfast nook (it's really quite small, but so cute), were given some coffee tables and chairs for the table. I don't have those things on the walls just yet, but I'm planning to do so and I'll take pictures then! 

In the meantime, here's some progress from the beginning of the week: 

The breakfast nook is the room that's the most "done", simply because it's the smallest, and because of the built-in shelves, it was the easiest to decorate and finish. The flowers on the table have gone now, but they were my bridesmaid's bouquet from Erica's wedding, which I need to get on the blog. 

The living room looks mostly like this. I really like the room and can't wait until it's a comfortable, cozy place! We thought we had a couch coming yesterday or today (via Craigslist), but the seller and his wife didn't communicate well, and she gave it to a co-worker. I'd like something neutral in here, though we did find a really pretty red fabric sectional on Craigslist that we'd like. We'd most like a sectional. If you're wondering, those windows face the fireplace (which does work, for those of you who asked! It's a gas fireplace.)

We lucked out at Target. They had all kinds of things we needed that were on sale because of back-to-dorm sales. Our most notable purchases were these two bookshelves which we put upstairs in the little nook right before our room. In the future, Carson would like to put a chair up here for reading.

Carson found a ton of furniture at a 50% of sale at a local thrift store, which is where this dresser was purchased. It has some "heat stains" (he says), which are gummy marks on the top. Any ideas on how to remove them?

The view from the door isn't spectacular. I'd like drapes on that window and something to go on either side.

Most of all, I'd love to figure out what to put over the bed. We had a window behind our bed at the apartment, but it looks so lonely with nothing there right now. I've been brainstorming and welcome all suggestions.

And I'd considered something like this... put three hooks in and get some fabric that matches the room (I'm holding up a scarf). I can't tell from my picture if it's a good idea or a little bit tacky. Help?!


  1. Download a Joann Fabric app onto Carson's phone. Use a 50% off coupon on the app to purchase some gauze or cheesecloth in an off-white, and use that to put over your bed. OR make a headboard with a pallet. Well, Carson can make the furniture. Those are my two bed ideas for you.

  2. Awh, i love it all! And i love interior decorating so i can't wait to see progressive pictures of your decorating :)
    And i wanted to like alllll your fb pictures. I love how ya'll made the move a trip and got to see so many people and things! I hope ya'll have a great Labor Day weekend!!

  3. You could also make a picture collage with various size photo frames over your bed. . .that's what I did above our bed!
    Lindsay - where did y'all move?


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