Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our City

I am amazed by how much life has been lived in this place in such a short time. I was reminiscing with friends the other day and we remarked on how strange it was that four years of our lives have passed by so quickly. These are people that I met as bouncy teenagers, fresh out of mom and dad's home, ready to start life here. Now they're mature women, some with husbands or serious relationships, babies on the way. We're less bouncy, a little older, and struck with the realization that in our four years here, we forged friendships and lasting relationships that rival those between ourselves and people "back home". 

It's come down to the end of our time in Spokane.Though nearly all of our belongings are boxed up, all the pictures are off the walls, and even though we've signed a lease and have plans in Ohio, this doesn't seem real. 

Four years ago, I left my hometown behind to move to Spokane. Initially, I'd planned to stick around here for a year before moving to Chicago. I'm so glad that things changed and that I stayed. Carson and I met here, explored mountains, hills and rivers together, watched countless movies, started our life together here. Four years of life in this place and I think I'm going to miss it more than I've ever missed Beaufort. We have wonderful friends, a fabulous church, live a short walk away from downtown, a short drive from many things to do, a few hours from "real" mountains. I love this place. 

In leaving, I feel that there are so many places left unexplored. So many people with whom we were just getting close, so many restaurants we intended to try. As excited as I am to leave and to start a new life in Ohio, I'm certain that we could have spent the rest of our days here. I'm surprised that I do love Spokane so much. It isn't home in the same way that Beaufort was; Beaufort is where I was raised, where my parents live, and where I started my life. Spokane is different. This is the place where I grew up as a person, started a life apart from my family, and began my family with Carson.  

When people ask if I'm excited to go, I say yes, but that I'll miss it here. I don't intend to give the impression that my mean husband is dragging me away from a place I love. It's a decision that will impact both of us, and the decision to move was made by both of us. I'm less excited to move than Carson is, but that's because he's overjoyed by the fact that he'll get to be back in a classroom in a few weeks. I look forward to the future, but I know that I'll always look back on the Spokane chapter of our lives fondly. I've loved this place. 


  1. So excited for your move! Its always fun to start over, find new favorite places to eat, play, and explore. We have moved 3 times in our two years of marriage! But I also know how hard it can be to leave a place you love. Praying for you both! Can't wait to see pics and hear about your new place and town :)

  2. aww, lindsay i definitely feel the same way about leaving friday. i guess it's different since it's "my choice" to go, but it has definitely hit me this week that i'm actually LEAVING.
    the pictures are gorgeous! i'll be praying for you and carson!!
    love, a

  3. Oh yes, I know exactly how you feel! I fell in love with Spokane in my four years there. Hope your trip goes well!

  4. These photos are beautiful, Lindsay! I love the golden glow from the sunset.

  5. Really sweet. God has done so much in your life in Spokane and it has been a joy to watch. I am so thankful I was able to come visit and know what you are talking about!! I am sad that you are leaving such a special place, but, I can't lie and say that I am not SUPER excited about you being a drive away. :-) I love you!
    (By the way, I love the new blog title and banner :-) )


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