Saturday, August 11, 2012

When I Said "Yes"

I like to celebrate the little things - momentous days that are just ordinary days to everyone else. My first year in Spokane, my roommate and I were alike in this regard and printed out a list of holidays like "wear green day" and "eat peanut butter day". I'm not sure that there were such days, but we kept to the list and tried to celebrate the little moments.

Today, I don't celebrate those same small holidays, but I do try to make note of the small personal holidays within our tiny family. For instance, I came home from Ukraine on June 19th, Carson's half birthday. We didn't celebrate it but I made note of that in my mind. May 12th is another day I make note of; it's the day I graduated from high school and the day Carson and I started dating. May 2nd is the day of our first date (and May 3rd was our second, and our first DTR).

On that note, today is the day that we've been engaged for three years. There's a good chance that if you look at blog posts from the past few years, you'll see posts celebrating that day. That's because it's important to me!

Here are a few pictures from the day that Carson said "Will you?" and I said "Yes!

(It was also the only day in my life where I wore no makeup. Clearly the proposal was unexpected. I always wanted to be surprised and I was, which makes the day that much sweeter in my memory. But I regret ignoring the little voice that said "Try to look pretty for your nice boyfriend, Lindsay!")

This is at our wedding because I couldn't find one from the day of... my hand is on the right

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  1. I remember this day! You and Carson got engaged the same day that Michael and Heather got engaged, exactly one week after Thomas and Becca got engaged! Everything happened at once! :) Hope you have a happy Saturday!! :)


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