Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Move, Day One

We left Spokane on Monday morning at 5:35am. The plan was originally to leave at 5:00, but that didn’t happen for a number of reason, the biggest being poor planning. We’d left our packed car in the garage of some friends so that it wasn’t a temptation for any passing pedestrians, and Carson drove over in the morning to go get it. While he was gone, my friend Jessie, who had been up half the night with her kids, drove over to be our send-off party. 

We packed up the car with the bike and the doormat on the back and left later than planned. The moon was still out and the sun hadn’t quite woken up yet.

We watched the sun rise as we drove through Idaho. It rose quicker than expected and though you only see a few pictures here, I took about fifteen.

We stopped for coffee, gas and food, but our stops were rather limited for the most part.
Montana was eternal. We drove through the “Big Sky Country” most of the day, seeing cattle and fields, hills, rocks and plains. It was beautiful country. We passed several advertisements for grizzly bear viewing and one of us was really tempted to turn in and see them, but we accidentally passed the exit and didn’t want to turn around.

We listened to Pride and Prejudice for a good amount of the trip

Wyoming had big hills, oil rigs and even more cows. It was beautiful too.

I didn’t get a picture of the sign welcoming us to South Dakota, but seeing it was a joy, because we planned to stop there for the night. We watched the sun set in South Dakota, and once it became dark, we were ready for bed. We found a reasonable hotel and stayed the night in Rapid City, a town north of Mount Rushmore. Our arrival was a bit later than planned, so we weren’t able to drive down and see the heads of our former presidents lit up that night.

The number for a pizza place was the first thing that we saw upon entering our room, so we called and made an order. I showered while Carson took a swim in the pool, and soon after, our pizza arrived. I have never seen us eat like that before. We each ate half of the size large pizza, and I’m sad to admit that Carson finished his pieces after me. Oops. We’ve recently gotten into the show Downton Abbey, so we watched an episode while eating, then turned off the light and drifted off for a good night’s sleep. 

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  1. so fun! roadtrips, hotel rooms, togetherness, downton abbey... i only wish the part through wyoming could have brought you one state further south to visit us in CO!! some day, maybe?


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