Friday, April 24, 2009

so busy!

A 10-15 minute informative speech on faith. Given Wednesday.
An 8-10 page paper on Discipleship. Due Tuesday.
A 3-5 page book review for Hermeneutics. Due Thursday.
A 15+ page research paper on ministering to Muslims. Due Friday.
Spring Formal, Saturday.
Bloomsday, next Sunday.
A 5 page Philosophy of Ministry paper. Due next Monday evening.

So basically, I'm busy. Like, no-sleep-for-the-next-week kind of busy. Eek. I'm really excited about researching for my paper (just not writing 15 pages...) and really looking forward to everything else non-school related on that list.

BUT, I finish the 29th of May and that's only about a month away. Pretty exciting stuff. The semester moved rather quickly!

While shopping for shoes for the formal, Erica, Jaimie and I found these gems... lovely, right?

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