Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter away from home

The first Easter away from home was very very different yet still great.
We went to a friend's house for a Good Friday get together, read the Passion story, sang some hymns, did communion, prayed.
Made food for our Easter lunch on Saturday.
We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday night.
these are the name eggs:
The egg dying process, Amanda's hand still in motion:
Our Easter eggs:
Sunday was, sadly, rainy, cold and windy.
We planned to go to Mission Park for a cookout though so we braved the foul weather.
Everyone gathered around the grill from hunger and to avoid frostbite.
We had hamburgers and bratwursts, Erica's pasta salad and Molly's Jello pretzel salad at the park. Then we came back to our (warm!) apartment for Erica's ice cream cake and my pie.
The strawberry pie I made myself. I was SO proud.

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