Sunday, April 19, 2009

My second family :)

I have three of the best roommates EVER. Seriously, I love them so much and I feel so blessed to be living with them. I thought last semester was amazing with Molly, Amanda and Maddie, and it was. But this semester I have been so encouraged, and have realized how utterly privileged I am to live with Molly, Amanda and Erica. They're all different which makes life exciting. I love the different perspectives and insights they provide, and the unique take each one has on life and on God. I have fun with all of them, inside jokes with each one, and am just really, really glad that I live with them!

These lovely ladies won't be my roommates next semester as I've decided to go Chicago for the rest of my education. I'd gotten so used to the idea of Spokane and really enjoy being here in the apartment that it was a difficult decision for me to make. Ultimately though, I feel that God wants me to take another leap and go to Chicago. Two of these girls helped me realize that Chicago is the direction God seems to be taking my life, again out of my comfort zone and into something new. That's another reason why I love them so much: even though they'd like me to stay here, they're willing to pray about it and share with me what they think I need to hear. I'm going to miss them and I hope I'll get a chance to make it out to visit them sometime.

Molly and I painting Crossover's youth house

Amanda and I on my birthday

Erica and I on Easter Sunday

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