Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hello, sunshine!

Yesterday was beautiful. Seventy degrees, sunny, grass turning green.
We enjoyed it by taking a walk and then having a picnic in the sunshine.

It was certainly the type of day you must take full advantage of... the kind of day where you forget about snow five days earlier and school the next day, and whatever that was you were worried about.

I love days like yesterday. They're so good for clearing your mind and thanking God for the beauty He's put all around.

And speaking of clarity, I've come to realize things about my perception of things in the past week.

I was holding back on doing certain things because I'm really comfortable where I am. I love a good challenge but sitting back and not having to worry about logistics sits just fine with me too. I realized that I was making a certain decision because it was the comfortable, convenient thing for me to do and because at this moment, it's being blessed by God. I thank God for using my roommates to share their thoughts with me and point out certain things that I was not considering. He used them to open my eyes to what I was not seeing.

Now that the decision is made, I feel so at peace about it. I realize that I wasn't at peace with what I'd been planning on doing... it was sort of a dark cloud in my mind. Now I'm so joyful. There's sunshine outside right now, warming everything that's been frozen for months and I feel that I can fully enjoy it now that the weight of that decision has been made and that I know what God wants me to do.

So today, I'm thanking my wonderful Savior for sunshine!

a picnic lunch in the grass!

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