Tuesday, April 21, 2009

glorious sunshine

How to enjoy the weather when it's super warm!

#1: When it's 75-80 degrees outside, grab a blanket (and a book because you DO have homework) and a friend or two and head out to some comfy grass

#2: Make the most of your time by trying to whistle through a grass blade to get the bees to go away. At least it's worth a shot.

#3: Remember that you have frozen berries and peaches. Blend them with some orange juice, milk and sugar to make smoothies. Pour into margarita glasses and enjoy back out in the sunshine!

#4: Enjoy the results of your love for sunshine: Show off the freckles and the tan and smile for the camera even if your sunburn hurts :)
#5: If nothing else, make dinner and eat it outside. There's nothing like grass in your Ramen :)

illustrated by lindsay, erica and nick.


  1. I cannot believe how green that grass is. Wasn't there snow a week ago?

  2. Yep - there was snow a week ago and now it's super green. I suppose that's what all the water (from the snow) does for the grass :)


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