Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wreath of Hearts

Well, as you probably know by now, I really like decorating my house. 
As you may also know, decorating for this time of year is sort of weird. It's too early for spring, 
and I don't really want to set out a bunch of snowmen and snow-related things; it just seems too Christmas-time-y for me. Also, I see snow outside... snow inside is just a LOT of snow. 
For the month of January, I redecorated my mantel in green and silver (because I'm really looking forward to seeing green again). But now that it's February, I'm excited to put out the pink and red. 

I wanted a Valentine's wreath and I'll be honest, I'm not 100% in love with this one. It's kind of blah and not my favorite. Chances are that I won't change it this year, so this is the wreath I'm showing you! 

These were my supplies:
wreath form from the dollar store
glue gun
puffy hearts on sticks from the dollar store

 This is the most self-explanatory thing ever. Take the sticks out of the puffy hearts. It took zero effort. I have no idea what people do with puffy hearts on sticks, but I guess they don't do it for the staying power. They look like marshmallows, don't they?

Line up your hearts in some sort of pattern. Or don't.

Glue your hearts on to your wreath. You could go all the way around, but I had a feeling that this would have meant purchasing a LOT of puffy hearts, so I just glued them in a sort of cluster on one side.

I would probably wrap this in red ribbon or something first. I didn't have red ribbon, so I used this leftover gold ribbon that I bought for my Christmas decor. It works and it's glittery so I guess it's a win.

Hang on your door. Admire.
Alternatively, you might just say, "I'm so proud of myself for decorating for a holiday" and close the door that you never use anyway. You will not know if hearts fall off from the cold weather or if little birds think that they are marshmallows and try to munch on them until it is time to change out the wreath for the next holiday. Your neighbors, seeing your wreath from afar, will probably nonetheless admire you for your commitment to decorate for every holiday. Or not, but you'll have no idea. 


  1. You always manage to strike the very delicate balance between absolutely adorable and a tiny bit tacky in your artistic expressions for V'tines Day. (Because of course, V'tines simply has to contain both, and I know you agree.) I expect nothing less!

    1. Absolutely. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't hang it on my door ;)


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