Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Changes

As the winter days go on and on, I enjoy finding projects to do. I like to prettify things and be happy that if I can't change what's outside the walls of this house, I CAN do something about he inside.

The other night, we acted on a plan I've had for weeks, but couldn't do myself...

We had two bookshelves upstairs and I liked that - it was nice seeing those old familiar titles every time I went to my room. I don't like to keep my books to myself though - I wanted them in a common place where we could see them and I had the perfect place - the living room. So one night, deciding that I had had enough, I unloaded the bookshelf in about five minutes. 

Carson took it downstairs (not to make him seem less strong but it's one of those cheap Target shelves so thankfully he didn't need my help at all) and moments later I was reloading books onto the shelves. They're no longer categorized and alphabetized (I'm sure it will drive me crazy and that will happen) but I love them in their new space. 

What do you think? Do you enjoy the little changes that cold (or just long and dreary for those of you in snow-free places) winter days seem to bring about?

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