Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This won't be an exciting post, so feel free to skip!

So, since the year started, life has been fairly adventure-free. I work almost every day and cherish those days off when I get to wear my hair down. Carson's resumed his schedule of going into the office pretty early to get things done and then staying there until 5ish unless he has night classes. He works at Target on the weekends (I guess I forgot to write about that but he started before Christmas, worked full-time there over break and is now part-time).

And that's more or less what we've been doing.

- We're making friends at a rather slow rate, but it was expected, so we're not really sad about that. We stay up to date with friends in Spokane through Facebook or the occasional text.

- As far as things we do together go, well, we mostly stay inside. It is COLD. We've been watching Downton Abbey season three lately and I'm not sure I've ever written about our love for it, but it is there. I was introduced by my friend Jessie over the summer and would sit in her basement for hours watching episode after episode. Carson became interested in the show I'd explained and after watching the first episode, he too was hooked.

- The other thing we've been watching is The West Wing. We have (and LOVE) Amazon Prime (it's a million times better than Netflix for movies/shows) and were looking for something to watch and happened to click on the first episode when we'd finished watching all the existing Downton Abbey episodes. Anyway, we're almost done with season 4. We love the White House drama and we feel like it's educational... if only to show us that WOW working at the White House would be crazy. That's how I feel... Carson keeps telling me I'll make a great First Lady someday so I guess he's dreaming big ;)

- We've also been doing crosswords from the newspaper. Sometimes I'm impressed by how much I know and other days I just feel like I live under a rock and don't know anything. That may be the point.

- We were part of a Community Group at our church that met on Thursday nights. We loved it and that's where most of those friendships we mentioned came from. But now Carson's in class on Thursday nights and we were asked to branch off and start another group. Ours meets on Monday nights and we had our first meeting this past Monday. There were eight of us total.It's strange having a group of people over, when it's been so long since we've hosted more than one or two at a time. It's fun though.

- Back when I lived with Molly, we did a challenge where we did 100 push-ups a day for the month of February, just because. Carson and I are doing that this year. I really hate push-ups. Almost any other exercise is better and I think leg ones are just way more fun (by that I think I mean easier... I don't do squats for fun all the time or anything).

Like I said, life is very mundane. But it's good. I did decorate a little bit for Valentine's Day and we got new curtains so posts will come soon.

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