Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is a post about curtains

I think that the reason that I am at a loss when people say, "What's new, Lindsay?" is that I don't have a lot of new. We work, Carson goes to school, we go to church... but nothing particularly thrilling happens during the week. 

And then... we got curtains.

I know.
 ABOUT TIME - that's what you were thinking, isn't it?

(I've been thinking that it was about time since right after we got married, except then I realized that I am far too cheap to want to spend $32.50 [or even $10] on just ONE curtain panel, when I'd definitely want more than just one. Thankfully Groupon had a deal or these windows would have been naked for probably forever. And then I found two polka dot valances for $4 and thought that $4 was too good to pass up... and one day we'll hang them in a baby's room or something because they're polka dots but for now they're in ours because I HAD to buy them and they didn't have grown-up looking curtains for $4)

Now you want to see my windows, right? 
Well, feast your eyes. 

What have I been doing lately? Oh, just admiring my new curtains. That's all. 

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