Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Are Pigs

I was going through pictures from this month, trying to think of something to say that didn't involve snow or cold weather and, well... if you ever wanted to know that we eat, we proved it in February.  Pictures of healthy meals? Not so much... but I guess those aren't fun pictures to take. 

One of my favorite snacks in college was mandarin oranges from the can... then you only have to wash the fork! I have pictures like this from 2008. 

We were at the grocery store for something else after church and somehow left with knock-off Samoas cookies, mac and cheese ingredients and fried chicken. I guess we figured out why we shouldn't shop while hungry.

We had "breakfast for dinner" one night recently because I decided that donuts sounded fabulous (I seriously don't think I'd had a donut in the last year and it turns out that I missed nothing - no offense to Dunkin; I guess I just don't love them anymore). I declared the donuts to be the dessert for our meal and we happily ate bacon and eggs for dinner so that we could justify our dessert. Like anything justifies six donuts for two people.

Okay, so one of our absolute favorite favorite FAVORITE places here is Piada. It's like an Italian Chipotle... basically they'll make a salad bowl, pasta bowl or this sort of "Italian burrito" (my words, not theirs) from all of these amazing fresh ingredients. They give us so much food for a really decent price. It's two meals' worth of food, so very tasty, and fun because it's customizable and they have Italian sodas on tap (do you say that with sodas?) which is just different. Anyway, we've been there a million times since they opened in December because it's SO GOOD and around the corner/ right next to my work (I work next to a Chipotle, Five Guys, Panera, Frozen yogurt place, Jimmy John's and a Chinese restaurant that we mean to go to but keep choosing Piada over it). 

And then while I was at Jillian's in January, she made a neat little pesto and served it with mozzarella on tomatoes and cucumbers. I introduced the idea to Carson and he gave two enthusiastic thumbs up. We eat some form of this at least every week (here, we had a quick dinner and just used basil, no pesto).

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