Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy First Day of March :)

We're one fourth of the way through 2009! When you think about it like that it kinda makes you wonder where all the time went and if you did anything meaningful for the first quarter (I guess that it won't technically be until the end of this month but still - that's coming up!).

March is a happy month because everything starts getting warmer (it's 40 degrees today - woohoo!) because Spring is coming! It's usually still a pretty ugly month, with brown grass and unpredictable weather but I still really like it. Oh! And I like it because of the birthdays in this month. There are a lot of people born in March... and I'm one of them! I'll be 20 in just eight days. This March is going to be fun - Becca's coming on Thursday! I'm so excited to give her the grand tour. We were downtown last night and I kept thinking of things to show her when she gets here. Spring Break happens at the end of the month and looking at the overwhelming list of papers and assignments due right before that makes me so thankful for the break... it's good to to have something to look forward to!

Anyway, wanted to pop in and say HAPPY MARCH! Hope you're looking forward to a great month too!

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