Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I can't believe it but midterms are next week! That means we're in our seventh week of school and the semester is flying by at a breakneck pace. Lots of things have been going on lately and I hope to share some of them with you.

I had a coupon for a free burger at Red Robin so Molly and I went to the downtown one last weekend and shared the burger (a mushroom burger - YUM!). Since we were getting a free meal, we both got strawberry lemonade. I love the glasses!

You may remember the "Dippin' Dots Snow" from my last post. It's been falling from the sky the past couple days and it turns out that it's hail. We got the brilliant idea yesterday to fill a cup with it. Unfortunately, though it sticks and stays on the grass and bushes outside, it wouldn't stay in a glass. We gave it our best effort though!

I eat so well here. Fried eggs and reheated canned peas for dinner.

And now, I've decided to provide you with some of my life here in Spokane. If you were in this part of my life (that is, if you went to Moody Spokane), these things would probably be true of you:
  • You stay up late animatedly discussing Biblical mandates for baptism with your roommates
  • You notice that in one section of the library, the book on "Why It's Good to Be Single in Ministry" is remarkably new looking even though it was published in the '70s.
  • Your living room has piles of books relating to women in ministry, angels and demons, church planting, theology, several Bibles and Bible commentaries, empty boxes of miscellaneous junk food, and water bottles.
  • You schedule your chapel attendances based on the "FYI" sheets on the back of the bathroom doors.
  • There are much fewer than six degrees of separation for every person in your school (seriously! so many people from the same graduating class, hometown, church, etc have reconnected here!)
  • You categorize your friends by "1+3" and "4 years Spokane"
  • You know that "the Compound" houses 36 girls, about half of the female population of the school
  • You laugh at the very mention of the word "McMath" and respond to the mention of his name with the phrase "Thatsh Adorable!"
  • Making money after graduation isn't a huge deal
  • You're going for a BS in BS (Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies)
  • You consider your friends with actual jobs to be very blessed.
  • Most of the people you're around range in age from 18 to 30 but all will graduate the same year
  • Spring Break plans don't center around a beach but about trips west to Seattle, east to Idaho, south to Oregon, north to Canada, or trips 1,000+ miles away to visit family.
  • A good majority of people you know are youth interns or youth leaders at their churches in town.
And last but not least, I'd like to ask for your prayers. There are a few decisions coming up that need to be made and I don't really like making decisions. Pray that I would and that I'd sense God's leading. Many thanks!

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  1. haha. I love that about the book from the 70s looking new. I wouldn't give it a read, I'm afraid. hahaha


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