Tuesday, March 10, 2009

becca's visit and my 20th birthday!

My sister came to visit this weekend! I'm SO glad she was willing to come and see me and where I live. She met so many people and we did a lot of stuff.

On Friday, she went to class with me (at 7:45 even though her plane got in at 11:20 the night before!) and went to chapel. Then we met up with Haley and went downtown to show Becca around. We walked around for quite some time... Beck's poor feet even got blisters! We went to the Passover Seder at school that evening and afterward to one of my friends' house for a movie night.

Here she is going down the wagon slide downtown:
And the three of us at the Falls
Becca and I at Spokane Falls:
The Passover Seder dinner at school
(all day Friday we got SO many comments on how alike we look):
On Saturday we tried to go to Mount Spokane but there was too much snow and it was unsafe. We turned around and spend the day in the apartment. Poor sister was probably bored out of her mind :( We ended the day with a movie and cookies Becca made :)

Sunday we went to church at Crossover (Daylight Savings got to us - we were supposed to leave at 8:30 but I woke up at 8:26 after turning my alarm off in my sleep and Becca wasn't ready either. We left about 10 minutes after we were supposed to... I don't think that's too bad!). After church we set off for Wal-Mart to buy snacks for Becca's trip home on Monday. We got a ride for the way there but had to walk home from Wal-Mart in the snow!

Walking from Wal-Mart in the SNOW!
(It fell in little balls like Dippin' Dots ice cream)

One really great thing was that she was here for my birthday - that was a great present in itself!
Here begins the birthday pictures :)

The sweater she got me for my birthday
(I got two green sweaters for my birthday... yay!)
Leaving for the airport :(
I'd prayed that it would snow while she was here and it DID. Three inches were on the ground when she left Spokane and another three or four fell later in the day... we got a TON of snow for my birthday!
The decorations - Erica put up streamers and balloons while we were taking Becca to the airport.
Nick and Skyler made the "It is your birthday" sign (it's from The Office).
Pepperoni and Garlic Chicken pizza for lunch :)
They kidnapped me!
...and took me to Tomato Street for dinner
(Nick and Skyler met us there too)
We wore these crazy crowns on our heads :)
Our crowns (mine says "I'm 20" on it)
The cookie cake they made for my birthday
Gifts from Amanda
Gifts from Erica
And gifts from Molly (and static-hair from Amanda's balloon)
I had a great birthday - SO many phone calls, Facebook wall posts, gifts, flowers, and a grand total of EIGHT birthday song performances (4 of them from my roommates). Thanks y'all!

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    did you tell them about kiddnapping? or did they re-originate the backpack thing? i'm very interested in knowing the answers.
    yay for birthdays in Spokane, WA


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