Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love it here!

I love a lot of my classes. They really fire me up and make me want to LEARN so much more. I get big ideas and dreams and just pretty much want to curl up and study my Bible (sorry textbooks!) all the time. Since I need to do the work to continue staying in the courses, I can't read my Bible instead of writing papers. But that doesn't stop my mind from wandering.
In Disciplemaking I get so excited about Jesus' model of discipleship and how He taught and led and used SO many different ways of witnessing.

In Interpersonal Ministry Skills, I daydream of sharing with people and relating with them on a non-intrusive but very personal way and sharing the Truth with them.

Every week in Church Planting I decide that I will go off somewhere and start a church. I'm not sure where... I'm pretty much wishing I had lots of money so I could live everywhere and do everything. The other three girls in my class and I decided on Friday that we're going to buy burkas and head for an Arab country to start something for women. Good thing I can't afford that ticket!

SO many of my classes are focusing on people. Go figure, ministry kinda involves people after all. But it makes me want to just get out there and into people's lives. I love that though my major is International Ministry, I can do the people part of it anywhere. And I love that I'm learning how to relate to them. I really just love Moody and what it's all about. I kinda want to keep taking classes here forever (I LOVE electives) but then again I'm SO thrilled to graduate and be able to do things :)

Thank You God for sending me here!

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