Friday, February 20, 2009

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead...

Molly, Erica and I call ourselves a joke. It's not that our self-image is bad, but we realized that the three of us together epitomize the redhead, brunette and blonde that you hear about in jokes. Together, the three of us can get a little... weird. We laugh way too much about nothing at all, talk till the wee hours of the night, and do our homework together. (Amanda is usually at work - or sleeping - thus she doesn't make it into our craziness) This picture is of us all dressed up for dinner on Valentine's Day - we forgot to take a non-blurry picture.

The roommates and I were in a "fashion show" last night. The "Senior Saints" group at Crossover hosted a potluck for the college/single group and we provided the entertainment. It was a play on words fashion show so that's why we're wearing such ridiculous outfits: Molly is in a "business" suit and "pill box" hat; I'm wearing (you can't see them so well) "dress" pants and 14-"carrot" necklace and earrings, Amanda is wearing "Jim" shorts (they said "Jim" all over them) and a (horse) halter top; Erica takes the prize for the best costume with a "tank" top and "bell" bottom pants (you can't seem them either). It was a little embarrassing but they loved it. We got free food and got to know some of the older people at our church.

And finally... the thing I'm looking forward to: My favorite sister is coming in TWO weeks! I'm excited to see her, to introduce her to my friends and roomies, my school, a few profs, and SPOKANE! I'm SO pumped about her visit and hope for a little bit of falling snow for her to see... pretty snow, like the other night :) We took this picture on the way to the beach over break :)

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  1. Wow, you guys look nice all dressed up in your fashion show clothing! Ha ha Twelve days left, Lindsay! Yayyy!


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