Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh My, It's Wednesday...

Wednesdays stink.

Theoretically, it was a really good idea to take the two not-so-great classes in one day. A great idea, actually. I'd cross those things off in one day and be able to look forward to my other classes (I'm quite fond of all but Speech Communication and Research Writing). I just didn't consider that I'd have those other classes on Wednesday.

Something about Wednesday makes it really hard. Spiritual warfare escalates like crazy, we're more tired than usual, it's mid-week so I guess everything starts to hit, a lot of people have Wednesday night services or youth programs at the churches they've joined out here. So putting two draining classes wasn't my smartest move.

It's not THAT BAD, of course. I don't like either of the topics so I'm trying to think of the positives (beyond the fact that once I'm finished with them this semester, I'm finished forever). I'm excited to write my speech for Communication next week - it's my testimony. I don't want to give it but I'm excited to write it. I'm not really excited about anything about Research Writing. It's the means to an end and I really don't like research or long papers. Oh well, there's got to be that one pesky class in the semester, right?

Still, please be in prayer for all that's going on. Today has been a very long day. Without going into details, things are heavy on the hearts of a couple of my roommates and they're struggling to stay awake and do homework today for their Tuesday-Thursday classes before they melt in tears and exhaustion. Prayer for their encouragement and rest and productivity. Lots of things are going on... so much "stuff" that I find myself having a hard time believing it all. Power does so many wonderful things!

God's doing something here. There's too much "stuff" for Him not to be. I'm so thankful that we know that and can trust Him and run to Him all the time... especially on crazy Wednesdays :)

Edit: Wednesdays are sort of redeemed. Erica and Molly got rest before going to their youth groups at their churches tonight and Amanda got a job today! That's exciting news for ANYONE here since jobs are scarce.

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