Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Two

I promise not to write about every SINGLE day of the semester but for the first week I may as well. You know, in case you were wondering what I'm taking or what I think about each class.

So today I had Speech Communication at 7:45 (I was an idiot and have 7:45 classes Tuesday - Friday... don't make this mistake!). Molly, Erica and Dustin are among my good friends in there. The professor is nice, from Southern Mississippi and has the accent to go with it. He shared his testimony and talked about the class for the first half of class. It seemed like forever though (the "beauty" of a 7:45 class) and I thought for sure the three hour class was over when it was just time for break. Oh well. We're going to have to speak in that class (shocking) but I don't think it will be too bad. He said if we run out crying he'll make fun of us but won't take points off. Good to know.

We were excited about having the first chapel of the semester today. Good worship and a good speaker in there. He talked about his passion and advertised for a mission trip this summer he's going to be a part of. It was funny to think how different the first chapel of the Spring semester was compared to last semester's first chapel when no one knew each other and we were all really shy. None of that today!

After chapel came lunch and then class at 12:15. Research Writing, one of two that I looked forward to least (the other was Speech). It's the first female professor I've had in person (I had a female for Lit my freshman year) so that part might be a little different. She seemed a little nervous but carried on as if she wasn't. Passed out a million papers and had us go over the elements of a story. We found out that we have papers just about every week but they're really short (a page to a page and a half) and that our actual research papers will be only 5 and 10 pages (we only have two of those). There's a lot of reading and a lot of random homework but my only real concern is that I get it all done and don't forget anything, not that I'll have research papers every week. Whew.

I came home and took a three hour nap. I feel a little lame for admitting this but I'm not used to being at school from 7:45 until 3 every day. Plus, I'm still sick and get really tired out doing nothing vigorous whatsoever. I can't WAIT to be over this!

So anyway, that was day two. Now it's off to bed again, I'm exhausted!

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