Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just Some Random Pictures

It's been a little while since I've posted some life pictures, so here's a little photo dump of life in Münster over the past couple of months!

Downtown on a Sunday (the streets are never ever this empty when the shops are open!)

Art and culture museum

The sunsets by the lake are the prettiest.

Something that drives me CRAZY is when people walk slowly and block sidewalks. These ladies linked arms and walked slow as molasses. As you can see, I was boxed in by bikes and couldn't pass them (I walked in the street instead).

Carson's been working out and running a lot lately.

Elections in Germany are happening, so there are all kinds of political parties advertising these days. Here we have an ad for the Marxist party and the Social Democratic Party. I'm not sure how many political parties there are in Germany but the number is higher than in the US!

Cut off some too-big jeans and now I have shorts!

Recent water colorings.

No mail! We have mail very rarely these days so this is a common sight.

We've been pulling the folding cot out to make nightly TV/movie watching cozier.

Warm days = crowds everywhere.

Waiting for our doctor's appointment (we were early) in the sunshine!

So our freezer has decided to do its job all too well.

FaceTiming with Erica and baby Levi

Farm fresh, I'd say!

If you order a milkshake most places here, you get a disappointing combination of milk and a little bit of weak flavor. Burger King here just began offering shakes for the summer so I got one to try it out. SO GOOD. Actual ice cream, with Oreo or Kitkat (I got Oreo, obviously).

The Flohmarkt (Flea Market) on the Promenade. It opened the day we left for Würzburg and happens once a month. We didn't have much time to walk around it, but I'm hoping to this month (it's running again on the 17th).

I don't consider myself a big donut lover, but THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING. Piping hot and delicious. I hope I run across this place again soon.

Spargel (asparagus), particularly the white variety, is a super big deal here. People are going nuts for it and it's in everything.

Does your city have a Lacquer museum? Didn't think so. Carson can get in for free with his student card, but he hasn't made it over here.

A little Münster mural by the Hauptbahnhof.

Enjoying a sunny day in the grass! Carson is writing a book report.

Our hallway sort of looks like a prison.

There have been rabbits hopping around the whole time we've lived here, and I'm just now getting pictures. They tear up the grass everywhere and leave holes but they're so cute! And there are bunches of baby bunnies right now too.

Carson was excited to see frozen yogurt show up in the Arkaden (the mall)

Doener for dinner!

Newspaper delivery around here is too cute!

I think the playgrounds here are pretty neat. Lots have zip lines too, but this has a climbing wall!

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