Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dad and Mom Explore a Garden

We got a much slower start in Münster than we had for most of the trip. Carson had to help out with a conference in the city, but Mom, Dad and I all slept in and then had a leisurely morning. 

Hanging out in our front yard.

We met Carson for lunch at a Döner place and then he walked around with us for a little while before he need to get back to his conference duties. 

We showed them Carson's office for his year there. 

And then Carson had to get back, so we walked by the Schloss without him.

I chose the Botanical Garden behind the Schloss for our next stop and it was a hit. We spent around two hours there, and it's really not that big. My parents are really into plants.

And then we walked around a little more. This street is one of my favorites here.

We walked into Cavete, the city's oldest academic pub. Carson and I have been here twice with friends and it's such a cozy place.

This is the Buddenturm. It was a part of the defensive wall around the city, built in 1150. 

We passed this hearing test on the street and Mom is the only one who did well. 

Accessorizing with a basket.

We did a little shopping around town for a bit before Carson was finished with his conference. We had dinner at Vapiano and then walked back home. 

That night, our friend Jordyn was in town and she came over for a few hours. I forgot to get a picture of us, but she was there! Once she left, we finished packing for our trip to Amsterdam, and went to bed!

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