Monday, June 26, 2017

Dad and Mom Eat Schnitzel

Day five had a much slower pace than our previous days. We didn't have to get up quite as early, and we didn't have a major agenda. We had breakfast in the hotel (great wallpaper, right?!) before making sure our things were packed and then heading out to explore before moving along.

We went to the Tiergarten! 

This park boasts a size that is larger than Central Park. There's a zoo there with more species than any other zoo in the world, and lots of different aspects to the park. However, we weren't there all day, and we weren't there to see animals, so we just walked around a little bit and then went back to the hotel to head west.

We walked by Schloss Bellevue, which is the residence of the President of Germany.

And then we walked by the Victory Column. You can go to the viewing deck up top too, but you'd have to ascend a lot of steps and we felt a bit green at that prospect.

The white balance was super weird in this picture, but I liked the action shot, so I turned it to black and white.

We gathered our things and headed back to the train. The whole trip, Dad had this sensation that he was moving even when he wasn't, and I'd guess our near-constant use of public transportation is the reason for that!

We had time to eat before we caught the train, and Mom and Dad snuck in a Berliner too.

We changed trains in Hamburg for about 20 minutes, and Dad and I ran outside and looked around for a second. I really like that city and it would have been fun to have a longer layover there so everyone could have seen all the canals and pretty buildings, but I guess it wasn't meant to be!

Our second train was rather crowded, so only mom and dad got to sit together. Carson and I sat next to people in different parts of the car.

We took a taxi from the Hauptbahnhof (train station) in Münster to our apartment to save everyone a few steps, especially with heavy bags. Once in our apartment, we sat around for a little while and then walked around the lake and to dinner. It was VERY windy and a little chilly that evening for the first time, and we took out our jackets. 

We'd decided on Schnitzel for dinner, and found a restaurant that offered it. Dad and I had Jägerschnitzel, which is Schnitzel with mushroom sauce on it, and Mom had a Caprese Schnitzel. Carson had nachos, because they sounded good to him.

We made a little walking loop of the city and then went back to the apartment.

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