Sunday, June 19, 2016

Walk in the Park

Weekends vary for us. I work every other Saturday until 2:30, so sometimes we have just an afternoon to do something and sometimes we have the whole day. Sometimes we will do nothing but relax or go to the beach and sometimes we will deep clean our apartment or do some sort of project. 

This weekend, we spent Saturday packing, which we've really intended to do after work basically every night. We have a lot of organizing and purging to do, so it's a task that's been pushed back a lot. With the move looming over us (less than six weeks away!), it was time to get moving. So Saturday we got a lot of things out, some of it organized, some packed, and some things didn't have a home yet. We got overwhelmed and "took a break" while Carson worked on his paint by numbers and we watched far too many episodes of Parks and Rec. 

So Sunday came and the apartment was looking pretty awful. After church and takeout for lunch, we set ourselves to the task of finding homes for our orphaned items, and got a few boxes packed and a couple of donation bags made so we are also getting rid of things - yay! 

The weather was nice all weekend! They called it a "cold front" but all that meant was that temps were down to the extremely chilly 88 degrees (that is indeed sarcasm). Because it was nice, we decided to spend time outdoors on Sunday afternoon, since our Saturday had been spent largely indoors. 

We took a walk around Cascades Park for a little bit and then went the opposite direction to Lafeyette Heritage Park. I've never been (Carson has biked the trails before) but people keep telling me to go so it was about time! The loop around the lake took us about an hour of walking at a moderate pace with several stops to take pictures and look around. It was mostly shady which was nice! It's a great park with some pretty great trails and I only wish I'd listened to people sooner when they said to go out there! 

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