Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Pictures

Carson had to present a paper at a conference he couldn't physically attend, so he set this up in the classics library at school. He texted me this picture, and I'm not really sure if he had it on timer and took it or if someone took it for him, but I'm glad it's documented. Please take note of his get up - business on top, shorts and sneakers on the bottom. 

I've been going for walks sometimes in the evenings by myself at the park and I love it. I play a podcast and just walk and run stairs and it's very relaxing. 

People use the bank parking lot at night to go to bars and restaurants, so I guess someone had an after party one night because we arrived at work to see this.

Wanted to do something fun for the front door, so I painted this $2 round board, glued some ribbon to it, and done. I used a chalk marker to write with and then painted over it, because I wasn't sure if the chalk marker would run or rub off.

Can't win 'em all: along with our salmon and salad, we had some tator tots.

Make your own pizza with the Kings!

We went for a walk around Cascades at night.

Beach day! I had a day off work and it was sunny, so we headed out to St George.

A former roommate of mine tagged me in a post about popcorn making, because we used to make it on the stove all the time in college. So I started craving popcorn.

June 11 marked four years since we lost our first baby. FOUR! He or she would have been due in January of 2013, so this garnet birthstone would have been his or hers.

I FaceTimed with Jillian, Gracie and Wren one day. The girls are getting so big!

Went to a going away party for a coworker at Midtown Caboose. It was as good as people said it would be, but the service was SLOW. Would still go back. 

I worked a week at another branch and that was also slow.

We learned how to play Ticket to Ride, thanks to our friends the Kings. It's the Europe edition and we loved it. We met with them for dinner a few times this month and have played it three times!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Yep, that would put me to sleep too. 

So, packing is going well. This was a different day than the above picture but Carson never stops wearing that one shirt.

We had the Kings over for dinner one night and threw some things on the grill. A very summery - and tasty - dinner!

Pretty sunset at Cascades Park

The "running late to work" look. I asked Carson to take a picture of my hair so I could see it. He thought it looked too messy and I said that was the point... let's hope I pulled it off like it was intentional. 

Finally joined the library. We've been meaning to since we moved here.


Dinner Carson made. Love our little $5 Craigslist grill.

I went to Downtown Thomasville with Christina one afternoon to explore. It was a short but fun afternoon!

The blood drive truck was parked next to our car after church and I have never donated before and always felt a little guilty about that, because I have a universal donor type. So I suggested that we donate. They stuck my right arm and it wasn't going fast enough so they had to switch to my left. It hurt, but didn't bruise too much afterward. I really really hate needles so I sort of regretted doing this as I was doing it, but now I'm glad, and I think I won't be too afraid to donate again. 

Definitely didn't want to go anywhere afterward though because I looked ridiculous.

Went to Goodwill looking for suitcases (success, surprisingly) and found this gem. Gee, wonder why it ended up at a thrift store?

I went to SkyZone, a trampoline park in Tallahassee, with some of my coworkers. We had points to use for work and so this is what we chose to do. It was more of a workout than we expected, and everyone was sore the next day, but it was really fun too!

Afterward we still had money to use so we went to BJs and had dinner. The pizooki was the best part. 

So much rain this month!

I just thought this sign was worded funny.

Pitaria - amazing. 

Oh, what a deal!

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