Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Christina's 30th!

Our friend Christina celebrates her birthday at Level 8 at Hotel Duval downtown, so we got to join this year for the celebration!

We went to birthday dinner at Azu with the Kings and the Holmes before meeting everyone at the hotel. It was our first time and it was delicious (and if we're being honest here, we knew where it was because it's in the same shopping center as the Pizza Hut we go to and Pizza Hut usually wins for us classy folk). Carson ordered for me and it was a LOT of food.

They brought out a fun birthday dessert!

We got to Level 8 right after Josh and Christina and loved the view. The temperature has been either rainy or heat in the 100s, but it was a beautiful night with the perfect temperature. Rare but very nice. Christina thought up this picture and I think it's really neat. She took the panorama halfway, and then I stepped in and did the other half on her phone.

You can see rain way off in the distance, as well as a neat view of the city. Florida State campus and stadium are to the left of the blue building in the middle of the picture.

It really was an enjoyable evening.

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