Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tallahassee Christmas

Carson and I celebrated Christmas at our little apartment this year before we took off to celebrate with my family in South Carolina. For the last few years, we haven't been able to do a true "Christmas morning" because I work so early, and neither of us are dying to wake up at 2 in the morning just to open presents. So I got off from work at 3 in the afternoon two days before Christmas and we changed into PJs and had a relaxing evening at home, after which we packed for Beaufort and went to bed early because I still had to work the next day.

We've been working on a puzzle, and Carson bought us this neat puzzle mat that rolls up, so we don't have to leave our puzzles out in the middle of things. 

One of Carson's ideas was to have appetizer-y food while we opened presents, so it's one of our little traditions. He made these pigs in a blanket, and we thus discovered that they are way too filling and probably better for a group of people.

Here's the tree, with gifts for ourselves and for family.

Our "Christmas morning" picture. Carson bought me a tripod, so this was our first time testing that out.

A staged present-opening picture, thanks to the tripod. Carson's fake laugh makes me want to laugh for real.

A little more of the Christmas-ness in our house.

We had a great little night, working on our puzzle, making sure to turn Jeopardy on at 7:30, and enjoying "Christmas" together.

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