Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Lights

A coworker of mine mentioned that there's a park in Tallahassee with an impressive and FREE! lights display each Christmas season, so we'd been excited to check that out. We finally made it out on the Saturday before Christmas, which we realized was probably going to make it super crowded. It wasn't too bad, and we both actually love crowds around Christmas for some reason, so it worked out. 
Before we went, we took a picture in front of the tree, because we were dressed in real clothes and not yucky work clothes. 

I'd love to visit this park in a quieter time of year without the lights because it was really neat with little benches and fountains and little walking paths that I'm sure would be really nice during the day for quiet reflecting and exploration. There were tons of little kids running around shrieking while others were dressed to the nines in matching Christmas outfits, unhappy because their parents were there for the sheer purpose of getting that perfect seasonal photo. It was a fun atmosphere and would have been especially fun with little kids.

After that, we drove by the church we've been going to, which meets in another church. I mention that fact because the church our church meets in (confused?) was hosting a live nativity. We could have walked up, but we just looked on from the car and snapped a picture like creepers.

After the Christmas adventures, we came home and watched a movie and went to bed at 9pm. We are really exciting people.

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