Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmassy Weekend

I recently had a long weekend off, and it was marvelous. I woke up at a reasonable time, blissful because I woke up without the assistance of my blaring alarm. When I got out of bed, I slipped into my comfy robe, plugged the Christmas tree lights on, and watched Good Morning America. I don't think I've ever watched Good Morning America before, because I'm not usually home on a weekday morning. As I sipped on peppermint green tea, I finished addressing Christmas cards. Once I was done with that, I wrapped all the gifts I'd had stashed in my secret hiding place, and began to work on little projects I've had for Christmas. It was relaxing and wonderful, because I was productive, but I didn't have a set schedule, just an idea of what needed to happen. 

The following day, I continued to work on projects, while Carson and I had a Christmas movie marathon of sorts. In the middle of the day, we left for a little bit to do some shopping. We finished up the evening by watching the ACC Championship game on TV and holding our breath as Florida State barely won another game.

On Sunday, we tried to catch up on a show we're watching, while I got a little crafty with some nativity scenes (a little post on these to follow). We intended to go to a church Christmas party that evening, but Carson, who was supposed to wake me up from a nap, fell asleep reading in the living room while reading so we just went to bed early.

Slow weekends are so nice and a very refreshing way to prepare for the craziness of real life, all to the background of a Pandora Christmas station.

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