Monday, August 11, 2014

Rafting Trip Week!

In July, Carson went on a rafting trip in Idaho with some of the men in his family. He had a great time and loved being back in the Northwest and back in a kayak on the river! They camped and rafted for about five days, and he was supposed to be gone a week. 

My cousin Morgan came over the weekend that he was gone, which was great because it broke up the time a little for me. She drove up on a Thursday night after work so that we could get right to a busy weekend of nothing in particular!

On Friday, we went to the beach! In this picture, we both have strange smudges on our heads; they're from the magazine we put on our faces to block out the sun. Apparently magazine sticks to sweat. 

Carson and Caleb are avid boiled peanut haters, while Morgan and I both love them. One of her hopes for the weekend was to find boiled peanuts to buy and... success!

We'd planned to go to museums and explore the state capitol on Saturday, but we woke up to a rainy day instead. We put our rain jackets on instead and went to the mall. Morgan will have to come back for museums another time.

That night, we got to work on a number of projects. Morgan made two maxi skirts, while I made a moss-covered letter and etched my sugar and flour jars.

We made smoothies that night, and had difficulty getting the ingredients together.

On Sunday, we woke up and got ready for church, went to the wrong church (sort of), got misdirected by Siri on the way to the right church, and finally made it only to discover that we weren't big fans of that church. We consoled ourselves with Jimmy Johns for lunch.

Then she went home!

I spent the rest of the week trying to entertain myself until Carson returned. He was supposed to get in late on Wednesday night, but called me Wednesday afternoon to tell me that his flight out was cancelled due to a thunderstorm. Despite trying to get on an earlier flight out, he spent 22 hours in the Newark airport on about three hours of sleep (and airport sleep at that, with those announcements every thirty seconds) and finally got in to Jacksonville, only to drive another three hours home on Thursday. He slept until noon the next two days and finally got enough rest. He didn't take many pictures, and quite a few of them were of people's feet, so here are some of the decent ones.

While at home, he got to eat black licorice ice cream which is his very favorite kind. No one in Ohio or Florida has seemed to carry it (and with good reason, I'd say), so it was a must for him. He said that no one told him that it was all over his face.

And a few from the day they got off the river.

And a picture of the group. Carson's brother is to his right and his dad to his left. Carson is the tan one.

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