Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Do we have enough things on our walls? More than. 
But I love monograms, you see, and could think of no other good place for one than on our already full gallery wall. 

That reminds me, once upon a time, I tried to explain to Carson what a monogram was. He saw a tote bag I had with my monogram on it (this is when we were engaged) and said "What's that for?" I explained that it was my initials and he was still confused, so I explained that in monograms, the last name is in the middle and the first and middle initials are on the side. I had to explain it a bunch of times and pull up a site on the internet to back myself up because he thought it was all kinds of strange. Now, when monograms are ever brought up in conversation, he nods his head with the wisdom of someone who knows what a monogram is. So if you wondered if I've ever taught Carson anything, it's a yes (just nothing suuuuper useful).

So ANYWAY, I got a custom monogram from Carolina Ribbons (aka my mother) with Carson's and my married monogram in gold. When I showed it to Carson he was really confused "Your middle name doesn't start with a C!" but when I told him that it was for his name, he was slightly less confused. 

I found an 8x10 floating glass frame at WalMart that I thought would be perfect (when my mom was making this monogram, we found an 8x10 frame of hers and used it to get the right size).
 My supplies were: monogram vinyl, frame, and a quarter. 

I started by rubbing the back of the paper so that the monogram would for sure stick to the transfer paper.

Then I peeled it off...

And put it where I wanted it. Note: Don't do this while taking pictures, because you won't do it evenly and will make it bubbly. You have to do this carefully. It isn't rocket science, but it's really sticky and so you don't get a second chance to do it right.

It's finished! It was done in about five minutes, with picture taking and trying to get the bubbles out. And I promise, it's actually metallic; it's just really hard to take good pictures in here!

Morgan was over (actually asleep in front of Steel Magnolias) when I did this, so the next day, she helped me find the right place for it on the wall. We put the monogram on the wall where the Ukrainian plate used to hang, and moved the plate up. It looked better and filled up the space nicely.

I think it looks great here, and I love it. 

Is this technically a DIY? Yes, if you're my mom. Sort of if you're me - I had to buy a frame AND locate a quarter to rub on the back AND a nail so that I could hang it on the wall. But needless to say, I love it!

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