Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Carson finished his summer semester on August first! So far, so good. He's still studying because he's Carson, so not much has changed in that regard. Our days look like this: Lindsay works early (but Carson gets up early to be a support), Lindsay comes home, Carson studies until between 5 and 7 each night, then we have dinner and then either watch a movie or explore somewhere. 

We have been walking around FSU's campus a fair amount. It's about 10-15 minutes from where we live, so it's not too far and we are trying to get a good feel for it, plus it's HUGE so it's a great walking place. One afternoon. we walked around and found ourselves in the football stadium. Carson didn't want to get kicked out so we were trying to not go too far in because people were there powerwashing the stadium. but I made him take pictures anyway. It was super humid this day and that plus unwanted pictures created that beautiful Carson face. 

There's a smile!

We were minding our business when we noticed this squirrel carrying a huge slice of pizza. It was easily bigger than he was, and I'd have to assume almost as heavy. He tried scampering off with it, but had to make it smaller and take what he could. The funniest thing.

On another night, we tried Whataburger. They're everywhere here and we'd never been and Carson really wanted to.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, we went to Maclay State Park. We didn't realize there was a lake that was prime for swimming (Carson was sad), so we had a picnic lunch and then rested awhile on the bench of the picnic table, enjoying the sunshine.

I didn't wear the right shoes for walking, but we went for a short jaunt on one of the trails there anyway. Carson hadn't seen clay before and thought it was the greatest.

On yet another evening, we went to Florida State and discovered this amphitheater by the music building. Here Carson demonstrates the attendance of the first class he'll teach (kidding).

Aaaaand sorry about the iPhone pictures. I would bring my big camera but it's not the most convenient.

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