Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Out of Hibernation

Warm weather always means that you do more things with people. It makes sense to me, because when it's cold you just want to sleep under a blanket until it's warm again, and when it's warm, you have to soak it all in as best you can to tide you over until it's warm again.

So we've been doing more, even though it's April which means that it's nice one day and then freakishly drops 30 degrees overnight. 

Carson and I attended a Titanic party on April 11th, which is 102 years and one day after the Titanic sailed. We were instructed to come in attire appropriate for passengers in either first class, second class or steerage. A couple of people went first class by wearing their old prom dresses, but I settled on the bridesmaid's dress from my sister Becca's wedding

Allison, our hostess, had names of real passengers in a bowl for us to randomly select. She told us about ourselves before the movie started (she used this website, which is really fascinating), and we found out at the end if we survived. I was second-class passenger Mrs. Emily Richards. My supposed age was 24 and part of my description said that I had three children, so I was guessing that my character survived and... she did! Carson's name was Charles Stengel, a first class passenger from Germany. He survived too. 

And with the lovely Storeys.

A place that's been on our Cleveland list for awhile now is B-Spot burgers. It's an award-winning burger place owned by Michael Symon who is a chef on the Food Network. He's apparently well known, but we aren't food people and don't have TV so we didn't know who he was.
But since his restaurants in Cleveland are always recommended to us, it was on our list. The Storeys randomly invited a bunch of people to join them for Heather's birthday and quite a few of us were available last minute, which was really fun. I told someone later (and got made fun of for saying) that it felt like high school or college, because so often now we have evening plans or work things and have to plan so far ahead. But it was great.
I had the "Thin Lizzy" burger, which obviously didn't get it's name for being light on calories or toppings. It was SO good.

Carson had the "Atomic" burger and was impressed by how spicy it actually was. It looked dangerous to me. We also had fries which were excellent, but didn't get a picture of those.

And here's a picture of people eating, which I'm sure is appreciate by all. The wall behind them (I should have taken a picture) is made up of tons of beer cans. In the center, they used all red cans to form the letter "B". It was loud and fun and really, really tasty. We finished up by getting dessert... a few people got mochi balls at Trader Joes and everyone else had Menchies frozen yogurt. Mmmm.

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