Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter and part 2 of Jillian and Emily's visit. 

On Easter morning, woke up a little bleary-eyed from a late night, which tends to be the case on your last night with friends. 
But nevertheless we got up and were ready before we needed to leave, which was a surprise. Emily and Jillian set this hostess gift/Easter basket on the table for me which was very sweet. I didn't get anybody anything for Easter. 

Since we were ready ahead of time we took pictures (I mean, I cheated the system and told everyone we had to leave earlier than we really did so that pictures could be taken before church, but still)

Carson was apparently the last one ready, as he was brushing his teeth when he came out to take our photos.

And here we are. We were trying to recall if we have any old Easter pictures or Easter memories together and we're thinking probably not. Well, Emily and I attended the same Easter party with a donkey and egg hunt and other things probably over 15 years ago, but we didn't think that really counted.

I thought about finding a way to photoshop the toothbrush out, but it's actually just funny to me.

We went to the first service that morning, which was slightly more full than usual (we sat near the bottom which made it difficult for me to gauge). A record-breaking number of people showed up though! 414! (our church is in a theater that seats just over 200).

And Claire got baptized that morning.

We returned home in time for the girls to change and eat and get ready to hit the road. Here are the road-trip warriors.

They made it home by midnight.

Once they left, Carson and I got started on our Easter lunch, which was completely off the cuff because we forgot to make plans for Easter. We had grilled chicken, deviled eggs and random other things Carson dragged out at the last minute.

After a full weekend of girl time, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at home and went to bed early.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Poor Carson probably didn't stand a chance with three girls prepping in the bathroom that morning.


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