Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh Hello There

It's been quite the month so far. We've had a few things that took a great deal of our thoughts and energies. I'm sort of sorry for not posting, but sometimes a blog is just a blog and it's silly to apologize to the world wide web.

Here's a glimpse into our life, as captured in high quality by the amazing iPhone camera.

I took a lot of naps. A LOT of naps in the past month. Basically, all I did was sleep when I got off work.

This was date night one week. We each got a pint of ice cream and watched a couple of movies. We didn't finish these pints, but that was sheer luck.

Claire and I went to Sonic for dinner because we wanting hot dogs. We experienced spectacular service, but not in the way you'd think. We paid and sat down (how weird is a Sonic with indoor seating?) and I got mine with relish, which I didn't want, so they came by and replaced it and brought out tator tots because they felt bad. Then we sat and waited on Claire's food (she ordered first) and finally someone walked by and asked what was the matter. She explained and they came out with a foot long hot dog and a drink because they felt bad. We are planning our next trip. They were really nice, just forgetful.

I took this at the very end of March.

While it was snowing, Malea and I made sangria and ate junk food and watched a movie

This was April 1st. April Fool's indeed! Not sad to wake up to a super sunny day.

Erica was visiting her family in Stow and came up for a little date with me! We decided to randomly drive into the city and ended up at the West Side Market to browse and to enjoy some of the famous gyros there.

Deanna and I had an old lady date night at my house. We made rice pudding, which I'd never had and was skeptical about, but it turned out so great and we loved it. I had to pay Carson a dollar for him to agree to try it, but he loved it too.

We watched Emma while she knit and I embroidered and we felt like two old ladies.

Carson hadn't been to the West Side Market even though I've been a few times now, so we went there and lucked out buying produce (YUM) and then finished off by going to Happy Dog for lunch. You pay $5 and you get whatever toppings you want. You just check off what you'd like and they top it and bring it out.

He's a fan.

Aaaand I snuck this picture in at Community Group on Monday. We love the people that join us in our living room on Monday nights and are SO thankful for them.

Danielle's outfit on Monday reminded us of Rosie the Riveter.

We grilled for the first time! Mushrooms, asparagus and hamburgers. It was a wonderful dinner and it's always nice cooking dinner out there. Yum. Also. Note that this is the first appearance of anything healthy in this post. I don't take pictures of the every day food.

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