Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day of the Year!

2008 has been such a great year. Honestly, I think each year has been better than the one prior to it and I know I'm blessed to feel that way.

So many things happened in the span of just twelve months (no wonder it went by so quickly!) and thinking back on them I'm amazed at all the experiences that can occur in a short amount of time!

I wouldn't have changed anything about 2008. I didn't stick to everything I said I'd do and there are lots of things I regret but a lot of the things that weren't so great about this year are so closely intertwined with the best parts of the year or made parts of the year the best that I couldn't trade them. I learned more about myself by doing things I didn't expect from myself (nothing bad, just out of character). I learned that life is made by the small things, the decisions and the thoughts, the good and the bad, and stopped worrying (almost) about things not going as I thought they should. I realized that mistakes could be just as good or even better in the long run than doing things without messing up (and I realized that realizing that made me a tiny bit more humble too!).

I went on a lot of trips, I moved, I flew around the world (literally! across the Atlantic to Ukraine and then from China, across the Pacific!), I saw snow, I taught, I learned, I played, I had fun, I cried, I made new friends.

So many things for one tiny year. And we have a new one starting tomorrow! I'm very excited to see what the next year has in store because as I look back, each year has been so much better than the one before.

Until next YEAR,
lindsay :)

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