Monday, December 15, 2008

From snow to sunshine!

SNOW: The last day of school and the day before I came back to Beaufort (Friday) started off horribly with a Psychology final hovering in the forefront of my mind. At the very end of it, I looked out the window and noticed something that made my day (besides the fact that I never have to take Psych again)... snowflakes! Becky and I were so excited that we documented it on the way to the car. It snowed 2-3 inches before the end of the day. Part of a storm that hit the Pacific Northwest. Big bad ice on the roads and some flight delays - didn't affect me though!

The last adventure: Thursday night after studying for finals and finishing up last minute papers, Molly and Nick and I went to Crossover's drive-in nativity ( -so good! I love that church!) We saw little flakes of snow on the windshield on the way back and had to get first snow ice cream for them since they totally missed the snow during Thanksgiving weekend. It snowed for about five seconds but it counted to us (remember we're from AZ, SC and FL). After the snow, we went on the hunt for Christmas lights. Didn't find many, sadly. One house was completely decked out though - someone had obviously been collecting decorations for a long time... his yard was crazy with them and the gate was open for visitors. So we pulled the car over and toured the little light show. We went home satisfied.

Home: I left Spokane at 7 Saturday morning and arrived in Savannah at 8:30 that night (with a time difference that's 10 hours). Sadly my plane arrived early and I had to call my family to ask them if they had forgotten. I was in the baggage claim when they came up to me... I didn't recognize Scott at all. We went to Ruby Tuesday after finding out that my checked bags didn't make it (glad for carry-ons and sister's clothes!) where Jillian and Brandon surprised me. I was so happy to see everyone... nothing here has really changed. It almost feels like I never left... so weird *not bad though!* And it's really warm!

Christmas things: Since Thanksgiving, I've wanted to make a gingerbread house but it didn't really seem like a good idea because of the 6 weeks of not living in my house (to dispose of the thing... pretty sure I'd have a big bug problem upon my return - ew). So I mentioned it to Becca today and we decided to make one. We made the gingerbread and icing ourselves and it was a 4 hour process. Here is the finished product and all three decorators (Dad took it upon himself to instruct us in his gingerbread decorating expertise). It's a gummy bear house... you'll see them in the convertible to the right and in the hot tub to the left.

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