Wednesday, December 10, 2008

only two more finals!

Pics from things that happened this week: Our White Elephant gift exchange among apartments (look at the wrapping - we didn't want to buy any paper so we've got two shopping bags, a cereal box, box covered in target sale papers, and something covered in paper towels and duct tape. Plus a couple Christmas bags people found). Maddie and Molly with a car magnet gift, Dustin with reindeer antlers and the scariest owl statue (my gift). Molly coloring (we bought crayons and printed off coloring sheets). Becky studying for finals in my living room - all those crazy Bible Intro papers!


I finished a paper today in three hours. Three. Do you know how good that feels? I'm in amazement at it. I hadn't really even brainstormed because I had one to write yesterday too.


Amanda and I rearranged the living room on Friday night when Molly and Maddie went somewhere. Not that you know how it looked already (go back to posts from August/September to see), but we flipped everything - and we like it better. We put an extra comforter of Molly's on the couch and it looks bright and happy as well as cozy. Now we're not always crammed in our rooms to study :)


This crazy week is almost over! One final tomorrow morning and one Friday at 12 and I'm done with school. Packing tomorrow, date with Haley tomorrow (while packing... we'll see how that goes), live nativity tomorrow night, Maddie's dinner party Friday night, Erica and Maila spending the night Friday, leaving for the airport at FIVE Saturday morning (Erica and Mark's flight is at 7:10 and her dad wants her there two hours early. Good thought but you should see this airport. It's decidedly not huge.) Fly out at 8:30 to Seattle, Seattle to Charlotte, Charlotte to Savannah, Savannah to... people I know! Woohoo!


Sunday's high here is 15 and the low is 5. The temperature will really drop in the next couple days and it's been said that we could be getting up to 18 inches of snow in the coming week. As this is all going to start getting pretty bad late Friday/early Saturday, Dad's prediction about me not coming home due to weather is probable. Would you pray about all that? I really want to come home and not be stuck in some airport somewhere.


One of my friends was over this afternoon, studying for tomorrow's exam in my apartment. We're both planning on going to Chicago next fall and were talking about it:

Isn't it crazy that we're at Moody? It's seriously like the best ministry school in the country.

Yeah, I know. I still can't believe it. Do you know how many people get in every year?

How many?

Out of 2,000 that apply, 400 get accepted to Spokane and Chicago.

Woah. Are you kidding me? That means that we're one of...?


Wow. God really has a plan for us, doesn't He?

I know! He so does! I just can't stop thinking about how amazing it is that we're here!

It's insane. We'd better get back to studying but I just want to cry about how good God is.

So we did go back to studying. Our heads are filled with dates, six key elements of inspiration, and the goodness of God. Good things, I think.

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