Monday, December 8, 2008


We went to Mission Park today to play Cow Tongue Football. Yeah, that was my first reaction too: "Play what with WHAT???!!!"
It's Ultimate Frisbee with a cow tongue. I don't know about you but I don't really love the idea of any type of meat flying toward my head. Molly bought a cow tongue and put it in the fridge (it was packaged and then wrapped in like 5 plastic bags).

So today dawned, bright and... no, scratch that, we haven't had a bright day in a really long time. Today dawned, cold and overcast. Ideal weather for hot chocolate and a good book. Too bad we weren't doing that. As the high was 35 and didn't even reach that (it got to 32 today), we bundled up and headed for the park to meet all the brave souls who would play this fine sport with us. Molly and Nick, the only two brave (or stupid) enough to touch the tongue, opened the package and began to toss the tongue around. After 20 minutes, Memari showed up, completely disgusted by the cow tongue. She came for moral support. Shortly after, David and Craig pulled up with a real football. They were grossed out. Kori, jogging by, stopped and stuck her finger out to touch it before getting back to her run. I eventually touched it and discovered that it does indeed feel like a real tongue. Skyler was next. Then the other guys. We all touched it and I even held it and threw it once.

After being at the park for an hour, we realized that we couldn't feel our hands or feet and that our hands were covered in cow, so we left. We dropped the tongue off at David's house for a prank they're going to pull at The Compound tonight (those poor girls!).

Pictures included for your viewing pleasure :)
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  1. So that cow tongue is OUT OF THE PACKAGE?! How awful... Did you actually play football with it, or just kind of throw it around?
    Also, how did you get your pictures in that setting, with the polaroid-looking pictures all clustered together that way? Is that a new version of Picasa?
    Love you,
    Can't wait to see you come home,

  2. Yeah... it sat around in the fridge for about a week - totally gross. We just threw it around because there weren't enough people to play football with (no one showed up because it was so cold).

    Yes, it's Picasa3. I think it asked me if I wanted to upgrade... I don't remember, but isn't it neat?


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