Wednesday, May 3, 2017


It's spring! And it is BEAUTIFUL here this time of year! I think because I grew up in a place where the seasons weren't distinct, I'm especially taken aback every time the seasons change and we get to experience the colors of the fall leaves or the blooms in the spring. The weather has been pretty fickle - beautiful and sunny one moment, gloomy and rainy the next - and it's been fairly windy even on the days where the sun is bright and shining. Still, it's nice to see the green returning, wonderful to experience the days get longer (the sun is setting FIVE hours later than it was in December and I am so thankful for longer days), and the slowly blooming trees and flowers are great to see too. I'm always so impatient for summer, with consistent warm days and sunshine, but spring reminds me of new life and it has a certain freshness too. I'm embracing it!

This is in our backyard. And I must say I'm living in that navy H&M puffy vest. It's my favorite thing ever.

The Promenade.

Carson grilling outside our window. It was a breezy day, and the bushes protected him from the wind.

It's the Easter bunny! There are SO MANY rabbits in Münster! I'm sure whoever is in charge of public landscaping HATES them because there are bunny holes (burrows?) all over, and tons and tons of rabbits of all shapes and sizes. Since I don't have a lawn or vegetables and am not impacted by the rabbits at all, I just think they're cute.

Trying to enjoy a day without jackets in the sun, but the wind did its best to ruin that idea.

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