Friday, May 12, 2017

Class of '07

Well, there won't exactly be a ten year reunion for me and my tiny high school graduating class, but if there were, it would be this year! So I thought it would be fun to post pictures from my graduation - a DECADE ago!

Our senior class photo shoot:
Human bowling? I don't know either.

My senior pictures: I look so uncomfortable and I still have and wear that jacket

Graduation Day:
We were the first graduating class to have our ceremony in the new larger sanctuary, and the smallest class in several years. Everyone gives a speech at the graduation, and I absolutely dreaded mine and I think I read it word for word from my notes. 

After graduation pictures:
My Lit class from 2004-2007: "The Writing Class Girls".

A few of my cousins... all of these people tower over me now

My family

After the graduation, there was a joint graduation party on Parris Island, and I went for an hour or two but then headed home for my separate graduation party at my parents' house. I can't remember why I wanted my own party, but probably something to do with it being a better place to hang out with family members who didn't know the rest of the graduates.

Everyone had a board like this with pictures

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